Brooke Is Doing What It Takes to Succeed

Brooke Is Doing What It Takes to Succeed

We really appreciate all the amazing people on Team Initiatives, Inc., and often look for ways to show our gratitude. One method we favor is to choose a different brand expert every month and write about the great job he or she is doing here in our blog. This month, we’d like to thank Brooke for being such a superstar.

“Brooke is constantly going above and beyond for our team. She’s a hard worker dedicated to hitting her goals,” stated Jacqueline, Initiatives, Inc.’s President. “Brooke is an extremely supportive team player as well; for instance, she decorated the entire office for Valentine’s Day! I feel very lucky to have Brooke as part of our organization.”

When we see someone like Brooke doing everything it takes to succeed, we do whatever we can to help. One of the best ways to encourage our team members is by helping them set and maintain quarterly goals that are in line with our company objectives. Three months is long enough to accomplish something meaningful, yet short enough that it’s not too difficult to maintain enthusiasm.

Also, we make sure our top producers get as many chances to learn and grow as possible. Our thorough training program and one-to-one coaching provide all the information one needs to find success in our industry, and we often travel to leadership conferences and educational retreats as well.

Brooke has truly made a positive impact in our office, and we appreciate her. To learn more about our incredible team members, friend Initiatives, Inc. on Facebook.