Initiatives, Inc.: Where Opportunity Awaits

There’s never been a better time to join our Initiatives, Inc. team. Our firm is growing quickly, and we need passionate individuals to help us meet the rising demand for our sales and marketing services. We offer lots of benefits that facilitate personal and professional development.

Around here, we want everyone to succeed. Hard work and commitment are rewarded.

Anyone who joins our team can expect the following culture and perks.

The Initiatives, Inc. Training Philosophy

As team members are onboarded, they are introduced to the Initiatives, Inc. training program. We forego old-fashioned teaching methods in favor of hands-on learning. This educational approach involves participation in planning meetings, the implementation of best practices, and securing connections between brands and target markets.

One-to-One Coaching

All Initiatives, Inc. leaders started their careers in the same place – with the basics. As such, they are intimately familiar with what it takes to flourish in our organization. They impart the degree of knowledge that can only be obtained through experience, offering new associates the personalized feedback and support needed to rise to the top as well.


The Initiatives, Inc. culture can most accurately be described as collaborative. Our goal-driven environment keeps us focused on a common mission – even as we each focus on our own objectives. We encourage excellence in one another, celebrating individual success as victory for the group. It’s camaraderie in place of competition, and it’s one of the things that lifts us above other teams in our field.

Travel and Bonding

Travel is another Initiatives, Inc. tool for helping our team members expand their skills. We train at regional meetings, national industry conferences, and retreats in tropical locations to stimulate our professional growth. Every adventure is full of bonding and fun. There’s no better way to see the world.

Networking and Development

We meet business leaders and other influential people all the time. Whether we’re traveling, participating in community gatherings, or running our campaigns, there are countless opportunities to expand our networks. Every encounter boosts our confidence, adds to our bank of resources, and furthers our success.

Establish a Fruitful Career With Initiatives, Inc.

Ambitious people who crave endless possibility and growth find fulfillment at Initiatives, Inc. Send resume and cover letter to, or contact us to learn more about our availabilities. We’re standing by to discuss the path to professional excellence.