Characteristics of Selfless and Effective Leadership

Characteristics of Selfless and Effective Leadership

We strive to teach all our Initiatives, Inc. team members to be effective leaders. The most striking characteristic of highly successful business people is that they focus on serving and empowering their teams. Of course, there are many aspects of being a great manager. However, developing these qualities will help you to quickly become more effective:

• Proactively Help Others: Top leaders proactively work to help their team members to achieve success. Removing obstacles from others’ paths will help the entire group reach its goals. Don’t just wait for others to ask for help; look for ways to assist.

• Be Flexible: The business world is ever-changing. Keeping a dynamic mind-set has helped our Initiatives, Inc. management team to stay ahead of the curve. Flexibility is especially important when leading a team of people whose needs may regularly shift.

• Cheerfully Give: Be positive about giving to others. Great leaders are happy to elevate people and build them up. The key to success as a team is empowering each individual to be the best possible version of himself or herself.

• Encourage: Use positive language to reinforce desired behaviors and encourage people to reach for more. This is almost always a better option than being critical. Leaders’ words greatly affect their teams.

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