Find a Mentor to Grow Your Career

Find a Mentor to Grow Your Career

One key person in your network is your mentor. If you’re looking to grow your career and grow it rapidly, then you need to find someone who can point you in the right direction, steer you around problems, and give you good advice. Our leaders ensure that each new team member has a coach and mentor within Initiatives, Inc., but we also advise everyone to seek a mentor, or a team of mentors, from outside our organization.

Mentors hold you accountable to your goals and your actions. They’re also able to give you great advice on how to think strategically and long term about your career and help you get ahead. Initiatives, Inc. team members with mentors are significantly more likely to reach promotions and other major career milestones.

You can’t operate successfully in the business world without allies. A good mentor can become your strongest ally, opening doors for you when you’re ready, helping you think through complicated problems, and sharing the insight of experience to help you come up with creative solutions. A simple relationship can provide tremendous value in both directions, as you move forward in your career and are in a position to help your mentor achieve his or her goals.

If your company doesn’t have a formal mentorship program, and even if they do, look around at other successful professionals. Find a handful that would be willing to meet with you regularly and give advice.

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