Remember These Important Steps to Giving

Remember These Important Steps to Giving

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a popular topic of conversation around the Initiatives, Inc. workplace. In many companies, teams focus their giving activities on the holidays. We do so as well, but we are also committed to making an impact all year long. We use a few tried-and-true strategies along the way.

It all begins with leadership. Initiatives, Inc. management leads by example anyway, so it seems natural to see our frontrunners model ethical and effective giving practices. They make their charitable intentions known to us, and make sure their deeds align with their words. Everyone else is then inspired to emulate them.

What’s more, we maximize the impact giving makes on team development. Whether we’re raising funds or doing hands-on volunteer work, we step away from our usual tasks and get to know each other in a different context. We enjoy this quality time together. It supports collaboration, morale, and productivity back in the workplace.

Of course, we also give back by doing what we do best – innovative marketing. We use our unique outreach strategies to spread the word about meaningful causes. Our public speaking and personal engagement skills always turn heads. Why not put them to good use and promote positive change as well?

The value of CSR cannot be overstated. Follow Initiatives, Inc. onTwitter to learn about our commitment to giving and the causes we assist.