Strategies for Answering Tough Interview Questions Well

Strategies for Answering Tough Interview Questions Well

Our Initiatives, Inc. management team is very invested in continuously refining our recruitment process. Being leaders in our field requires us to find the best and brightest professionals. So, we are always looking at best practices in hiring. We have found that many candidates struggle with a few key questions. If you are searching for your next career opportunity, remember these answering strategies.

In many ways the purpose of interviews is to determine which of several candidates is the right fit. So, many hiring managers will simply ask why you think you are the best choice. Start by thinking about the key skills needed for the role. Form your answer around how your experiences and proficiencies will enable you to succeed at addressing those needs.

We strive to find team members whose goals are aligned with those of Initiatives, Inc. One way that interviewers determine this is by asking candidates what their visions are for the next five years. Be honest when answering this question but focus on how your vision lines up with the plans and opportunities of the company.

Many hiring managers ask about strengths and weaknesses. When selecting strengths to share, make sure they match well with the requirements of the position. For weaknesses, be honest but be clear about how you are addressing them.

These strategies will help you answer difficult interview questions. To learn more, follow Initiatives, Inc. on Twitter.